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Who We Be


The COVID Chronicles:

Man, the COVID years... feels like a fever dream now, right? But damn, did it strip the world down to its bare bones. Saw the best and worst of humanity bubble up—like, real community vibes but also some serious ugly truths. And smack in the middle of that mess, AWOKE started brewing.

Communities tightened up, yeah. Balcony applause, Zoom pub quizzes, and all that jazz. But beyond the feel-good, there was this undercurrent, a fierce wake-up call. People were standing up—loud and pissed, demanding a better world. Time stood still, and for once, everyone was watching, listening.

Image by Jakayla Toney

The Streets Got Loud:

Movements weren’t just whispering; they were howling. BLM, Trans rights, LGBTQIA+ pride, and the feminist wave—everyone cranked up the volume.


But, let’s keep it 100: as many folks were building bridges, twice as many were digging holes. Social media flipped from unifier to divider real quick, pushing hate louder than ever.


That’s where AWOKE slid into the picture. We saw the cracks, the "us vs. them" BS slipping in under the "inclusive" tagline. And we were like, “Nah, this ain’t it.” AWOKE became our shout back—our way to scrap the script and scream, "We're all in this together, for real."

Why We Exist


Why We're Here:


After distracting herself with life AWOKE's founder Hannah finally got down to it. (wanna know the herstory? click here)

AWOKE’s about cutting through the noise, ditching the boxes, and getting real with it. We grabbed statement tees and turned them into megaphones for the streets, celebrating every shade of identity. 'Cause when you're juggling multiple labels—gender, race, love, mind—it's about rocking all those combos, not picking just one.

Loud, Proud and 



Streetwear is

our Megaphone


AWOKE’s all about that street ethos—the raw, uncut, straight-up life on the pavement. Drawing breath from every beat that's about truth—hip hop, grime, you name it—our gear’s more than threads; it’s a statement. Every piece is a call to arms for the mixed, the mashed, the outright magnificent mess we all are. Rock your story, blast your truth, and dare anyone to say you're too much.

Every AWOKE drop's dripping with intent. The fabric, the fonts—it’s all speaking volumes. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about saying something, about standing for something. Our designs? They’re the battle cries against every damn 'ism' out there tearing us apart.

Our gear packs a punch—not just in feel but in what it stands for. Unity. The good fight. Opting for that heavy cotton and the lived-in look from the jump? It’s about feeling the message, living it. Fast fashion’s a no-go. We’re here with the long game in mind—quality, sustainability and straight-up integrity which is why we rock with print on demand.


This One's For You:

AWOKE's calling out the rebels, the rule-breakers, and the ones sick to death of playing nice in a system rigged against us.

Throwing on an AWOKE piece? Hell, it's more than fashion—it's strapping on your armour, showcasing your soul, and stepping into the fight.

This is our war cry against all that's fake, our flare in the dark pointing toward genuine, ground-shaking revolution.

AWOKE ain't just stepping up; we're cranking the volume to max. Every collection hits harder, peeling back layers on the truths we're told to keep quiet, blasting the stories that demand to echo across cities.

We're not just here to blend into the background. We're here to stand out, to scream out, and to rewrite the damn rules of the game.


Now you know,
we raw, real and unfiltered

No more excuses.

Get AWOKE Already

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