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Wear it like you mean it. 

Streetwear That Hits Different, 100% Fuckin Louder


So Loud, You Can Wear It

Forget what you thought streetwear was.


Speakwear by AWOKE crashes the party – louder, prouder, bolder. Where your gear ain’t just gear; it’s your voice, your fight, right there on your back.


Obvious? Maybe to you. But for us, it’s the beat of our heart, the pulse of our purpose. Each piece, a snapshot of a battle cry for justice, plucked straight from the pages of history we’re all too quick to forget. We’re here not just to remember but to roar.

back-view-long-sleeve-tee-man-walking-by-a-dark-street in AWOKE oversized tee

Histories Amplified, Futures Reclaimed

Speakwear's born from history’s whispers, screaming into the chaos of now.


It’s our tribute to the warriors of words, the defiant, the ones who dared to dream.


This isn't just a nod to the past; it's a shout into the future.


Speakwear takes the whispers of history and turns them into battle cries.


And you? You're the canvas, the message, the movement. Intersectionality isn't just a concept; it's our commandment.


You don't fit into a box; you're the whole damn package. With AWOKE, you don't pick a side; you stand on the frontline.

No Bullshit,
Just Bold Statements

Cut the BS—it’s 2024, and the world’s a hot mess.


But we're here, lighting up the dark, one bold statement at a time.

Hate peddlers? Door’s that way.


We’re all riding the same storm, but it’s about damn time we navigate this chaos together. It's about ripping down walls, not throwing up new ones.

serious Gen Z looking down in an AWOKE oversized t shirt that says tough enough to care

Speakwear ain’t just threads; it’s a thunderclap. It’s for the underdogs, the overlooked, the outspoken.


Slipping into AWOKE means stepping into your power, banding together in a badass brigade against the beige of the norm.


This is about unity over division, action over apathy.

Bold AF?

You bet your ass. AWOKE’s here to disrupt, to dismantle, to defy.


We’re dragging the uncomfortable into the spotlight and making it dance. Social justice, inequality, the isms – we’re here to tear them apart, because silence ain’t an option.


It’s about stirring the pot, sparking the debate, making waves.

​Us + We =
Fresh AF 

girl-wearing-a-crewneck-sweater-template-being-recognized-at-night-a18859 (1).png

Speakwear by AWOKE ain’t just a choice; it’s a declaration. If you ain’t standing for something, you’re just another face in the crowd. Time to break away, stand tall, and shout back. 

The world doesn’t need followers;
it needs leaders, pioneers, revolutionaries.

Get loud, get seen, get AWOKE.

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