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What Fckn  Boxx

unisex-t-shirt-featuring-a-woman-with-an-androgynous-look in AWOKE statement T-shirt

Forget fitting in. 'What Fckn Boxx' from AWOKE's SS23

collection is where we tear up the rulebook and chuck it. Born from the defiance that shook the 60s and 70s, this line is a head-on clash with patriarchy and all that toxic BS.

This ain’t just clothing; it’s our declaration of war against every 'should be' and 'must do' society tries to box us into. We’re not here to fit into pre-cut molds – we’re here to break them apart.

*Gear up with 'What Fckn Boxx' and join the frontline against conformity. This collection isn’t about fashion; it’s your shout, your challenge to the world, to be unapologetically you. #Speakwear