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AWOKE Support

Got Questions? Hit Us Up.

From order deets to collab shouts, AWOKE's got your back. Drop us a line below or dive into our support stash.

Press & Media Vibes: Got the urge to spotlight AWOKE? If you're press or content royalty, our doors (and inboxes) are open. Reach out and let’s make headlines together.

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AWOKE Sizing Guide:

Unleash Your Style

  • Oversized Unisex Fit: Designed for comfort, our garments embrace a loose and relaxed vibe, empowering self-expression.

  • Size Range: Not every item ranges from XS to 2XL, but we're committed to expanding our inclusivity. Suggestions? Let us know!

  • Sizing Tips:

    • Align with European sizing; check product details closely.

    • For a bolder oversized look, consider sizing up.

    • Confirm your measurements with our guide; we aim for the perfect fit.

    • Note: We can't accept returns for sizing errors—measure twice, order once.


AWOKE Care Guide:

Keep Your Statements Loud

  • Wash Smart: Turn gear inside out and wash on a gentle, cold cycle.

  • No Bleach: It’s a no-go to protect your gear's integrity.

  • Dry Gently: Opt for low heat to keep graphics vibrant.

  • Iron Carefully: Iron or steam inside out; avoid direct contact with prints.

  • Fold Right: Store your AWOKE pieces properly to avoid creases.


AWOKE Features Guide:

What Sets Us Apart

  • Unmatched Comfort & Style: Our oversized, unisex designs are all about making bold statements comfortably.

  • Eco-Conscious Production: With Print on Demand, we reduce waste and prioritize sustainability.

  • Exclusive Designs: Unique, powerful messages you won't find elsewhere.

  • Driven by Empowerment: Every piece supports our mission towards social justice and challenging norms.

  • Quality First: High-quality materials ensure your AWOKE gear stands the test of time and trend.

Thank you for choosing AWOKE. We’re more than a brand; we're a movement. Together, let’s wear our voices, speak our truths, and redefine the landscape of streetwear. Have questions or suggestions? We're eager to hear from you and support your journey with AWOKE.

AWOKE Shipping:

Straight Talk, No BS

Welcome to the fast lane. AWOKE's shipping isn’t just about getting packages from A to B; it's about making damn sure your voice is heard worldwide, without trashing the planet. Here’s the real deal on how we operate.

Worldwide Hustle:

  • Global Dispatch: We’re everywhere you are. If your spot's missing, shout out. We’ll bridge that gap.

  • No Borders for Voices: AWOKE ensures your message isn't confined by geography.

Eco First, Always:

  • Conscious Crafting: Your order kicks into gear when you hit 'buy', minimizing waste and slashing our eco-footprint.

  • Patience Pays: We’re talking 3 days of crafting for quality that speaks volumes, and eco-friendly steps worth taking.

Shipping on Us & Fair Deals:

  • Free Shipping, For Real: Standard delivery’s on the house, 'cause we’re all in this together. Give it up to 14 days, and your gear will hit your streets.

  • Rapid Routes Available: Need it quicker? Expedited shipping’s there at checkout. Your call, your control.

Time Frames & Tracking:

  • Estimated Arrivals: We give you the lowdown at checkout, based on where you are and our stock levels.

  • Stay Updated: Track your gear every step of the way. No mysteries here.

Duties & Straight-Up Transparency:

  • International Heads-Up: Your haul might hit customs curveballs—duties, taxes, you name it. That’s on you, according to your locale’s playbook.

  • Honest to the Core: We keep it 100% legit—no dodgy 'gift' labels. Transparency rules.

Hit Us Up: Missing Gear or Questions:

  • Problems? We’re on it. Contact us. No issue too big, no query too small.

Need to Know More?

  • Returns & Exchanges: Our policy’s got you.

  • Questions? We’re all ears - hit us up. Your AWOKE experience matters to us, start to finish.

Choosing AWOKE means more than buying gear. It’s about standing for something, together. We’re committed to getting your voice out there, sustainably and authentically. Ready to roll?

AWOKE Returns & Refunds:

The Straight-Up Policy

Here’s the drill on returning gear to AWOKE:

All Sales Final, But...

  • Got a Lemon? If your swag’s busted on arrival, we’re on it. Shout within 7 days of receipt.

  • Exchanges? Sorry, that’s a no-go.

  • Keep It Pristine: Unused, original packaging, sellable vibe. If it comes back wrecked or whiffy, we might have to say no to the refund.

Shipping Back to Us:

  • Our Screw-Up, Our Dime: Faulty goods? Return ship’s on us.

  • Your Change of Heart? That ship cost’s on you. Heads up: Customs and sales tax aren’t on the refund menu.

The Return Ritual:

  1. Holler at Us: Drop an email about your qualm.

  2. Mail It Back: Ship it, with care.

  3. Inspection Time: We give it the once-over.

  4. Refund Verdict: If it checks out, we sort your refund.

Refund Intel:

  • How & When: Post-inspection, if you’re due a refund, it’s coming via your original payment method, within 7 biz days.

  • Final Word: Dispute resolution? We call the shots.

Cover Your Ass(ets):

  • Pack Smart: It’s on you until we get it. Proof of postage is your friend.

  • Tag It: No tag, no return. No exceptions.

  • Oopsies: Wrong send-back? You might foot the bill for its return journey.

Country-Specific Deets:

  • Stateside: 15 days to claim on duds or wrong descriptions. Refund or remedy, 30 biz days post-inspection.

  • UK Crew: 30 days for faults or fibs. Hit up customer service for the return address, refunds in 30 days.

  • EU Fam: 14-day cool-off, full refund action. You cover the return trip.

  • Canucks: Dud, mismatch, or quality lack? Reach out for the fix.

  • Aussies: Faulty or fibbed goods fall under Australian Consumer Law’s umbrella. Solutions vary.

Local laws might jazz up the process, so when in doubt, shout out to us. We’re all about smoothing your AWOKE ride and vibing on your feedback. Help us help you, and let’s keep evolving together.

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