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Ctrl X: It's Time to Take Accountability and Unite

Malcolm X's Insightful Question: "Who Taught You to Hate?

In one of his most profound speeches, Malcolm X asked a piercing question: "Who taught you to hate the colour of your skin? The texture of your hair? The shape of your nose?" This powerful inquiry goes deep into the roots of racial prejudice and self-hatred. It's not just about understanding the sources of these societal ills; it's about realizing the deep-seated conditioning that perpetuates them.

Looking Inward: Our Role in Systemic Issues

Often, when tackling issues of racial inequality and injustice, the focus shifts to the victims, subtly implying that they bear the responsibility to fix these problems. However, Malcolm X's words remind us that the responsibility doesn't just lie with those who are oppressed. It's a collective responsibility, where every one of us needs to introspect and understand how our actions, or inactions, contribute to the perpetuation of these biases.

Beyond History: Acting in the Present for a Unified Future

While we cannot change decisions made in the past, we have immense power to shape the present and future. It's crucial that we act now to foster unity, embracing intersectionality to bring together the oppressed. It's about dismantling systems and ideologies that divide us based on race, gender, sexuality, and other societal constructs.

Uniting the Oppressed: A Call for Intersectional Solidarity

Malcolm X's speech is a call to action, not just for the African American community, but for all who have been marginalized and oppressed. It's about recognizing our common struggles and standing in solidarity against the forces that seek to divide us. When we understand the interconnectedness of our struggles, we build a stronger, united front against all forms of oppression.

Taking Accountability: Our Role in Social Change

To truly honour Malcolm X's legacy, we must look beyond just admiration of his words. We need to take them to heart, reflecting on our personal biases and actions. It's about being accountable for our part in the system and actively working to be allies in the fight against oppression. It's not enough to be non-racist; we must strive to be anti-racist, proactively working to dismantle the systems that perpetuate inequality.

As AWOKE, our mission resonates deeply with Malcolm X's message. We believe in uniting the oppressed, fostering conversations that challenge the status quo, and taking tangible steps towards a more equitable society. Let's come together, learn from the past, and build a future where we uplift and support each other in our collective journey towards justice and equality.

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