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Yo, fam, it’s Hannah here, spilling the raw, uncut journey of AWOKE. Buckle up; it’s been wild, with more twists and loops than a rollercoaster in the dark. Started this gig running before I could walk, typical me, wanting to shake the world awake all at once. But damn, the layers to oppression are deep, and aiming for that intersectional sweet spot? It's a minefield, but here’s the thing—I ain’t about playing it safe.

This past year? It's been like a crucible, not gonna lie. Moulded me, fired me up, and here I am, stepping out with a conviction that's rock solid. AWOKE isn’t just a brand; it’s a megaphone for the pissed off, the frustrated, and the downright done. We’re here to offend, to provoke, to rip open the conversations society’s been dodging. Niceties ain’t cutting it; we’ve seen it, lived it. It’s time for the raw and real.

Mad props to Gen Z, the firestarters and boundary pushers. You’re showing us millennials what it means to challenge the status quo, to not just think outside the box but to stomp it flat. You’ve lit a spark under me, pushing me out of my millennial comfort zone and straight into the fray.

35 years it took me to get here, and I’m just scratching the surface. Silence? Not an option. Not anymore. AWOKE is my shout into the void, my stand against a world that’s got its priorities skewed. And with this mental evolution comes the birth of something fresh: our new website. We’ve honed in on speakwear because, let’s face it, our threads are our armour and our billboards all at once. A statement, a stance, a start of something big. is my baby, crafted solo with blood, sweat, and beats. It’s a homage to the streets, to hip hop, dnb, rap, grime—to every voice that’s risen from the concrete to tell its tale. This site? It’s gritty, unfiltered, a bit underground. It’s the nights I’ve lived, the people I’ve met, the battles I’ve fought and have yet to fight. It’s cross-generational, dripping with sarcasm, and undeniably urban.

Every piece I’ve created, I’d wear it like a badge of honour. This new website, it’s a mirror of my newfound swagger, a platform for those who vibe on the streets, for the sofa surfers, the quietly seething, and the loud-and-proud activists. Politics ain’t weird, and activism isn’t a hobby; it’s our duty to engage, to question, to push for more.

So here’s the deal: if you’re not talking, you’re not doing. AWOKE’s here to change the narrative, to make it normal to demand better, to be better. Our new site isn’t just a shop; it’s a statement, a rallying cry, a starting line. It’s time to wear your voice, to be the change, to join the revolution.

Welcome to the new AWOKE. Let’s get this conversation started. #getAWOKE #Speakwear

Young woman wearing AWOKE tshirt Ignorance is no longer an accepted excuse - challenging society

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