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Behind the Seams: The Government Boas.Tee – Exposing the Price of Power

In the war-torn narrative of human history, the Government Boas.Tee emerges as AWOKE's latest chapter in the War:Chest collection, a stark reminder emblazoned with the truth: "BLOOD IS CHEAPER THAN OIL IN THE EYES OF YOUR GOVERNMENT."

The Making of a Statement

This tee was forged in the fires of global unrest, driven by the harrowing concept of government complicity in international conflicts. Fuelled by unchecked greed, power, and an insatiable male ego, wars continue to rage—not for the reasons we're told, but for the shadowed games of wealth and geopolitical chess.

The Raw Truth

As we trace the lines from colonialism to the modern day, the narrative remains disturbingly consistent: it’s never truly about the people. Treaties and laws of war play out on the world stage, yet humanity is often relegated to a mere pawn in the grand scheme. The harsh reality is that these conflicts, under the guise of noble causes, often seek to eliminate specific groups, exploit the masses, and funnel resources and power into the hands of the few.

Why This Tee Matters

The Government Boas.Tee doesn't just wear its message; it shouts it for the world to hear. It's a challenge to the silent agreement, the unspoken assent we give when we turn away from conflicts not branded with our flag. "Why should I bother if it's not my country?" is the very attitude this collection aims to dismantle.

Your Government, Your Complicity

This tee is an invitation to look closer at the strings pulled by those in power, at the proxy wars fought for the benefit of the few. It's an urgent call to recognize that by ignoring the plight of others, we become silent accomplices to the puppeteers of war.

Join Us

By wearing the Government Boas.Tee, you’re saying you've seen enough. You're contributing to a cause that aids those affected by these very wars, with 20% of proceeds going directly to frontline aid.

This isn't just about making a fashion statement. It's about wearing your awareness, your concern, your refusal to be blind to the reality of our governments' role in global conflict. It's about being informed, being compassionate, and demanding change.

Discover the story behind each design, the perspectives that shaped them, and the hands that crafted them.

Visit the War:Chest collection, join the conversation, and make your voice heard.

young man wearing AWOKE War:Chest oersized tshirt Government about complict powers

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