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Behind the Seams: Default Setting Boas.Tee – Challenging Our War-Torn Patterns

In a cycle that seems as old as time itself, AWOKE’s 'Default Setting' Boas.Tee asks a piercing question: why is war our go-to move? It's not just a repeat button we hit; it's a systemic issue ingrained so deep in the fabric of our governance that we can't seem to dress ourselves in anything but conflict.

The Wheel of Misfortune

History isn't just repeating; it's stuck on a loop. The 'Default Setting' Boas.Tee captures this bitter repetition with its stark declaration: "War: The default SYSTEMIC SETTING We Keep Choosing." It's a wake-up call emblazoned on fabric, reminding us that while times change, our default responses to conflict do not.

The Systemic Flaw

It’s pure fuckery how we've let the power-hungry turn our globe into a game board, with humanity as expendable pawns. This tee doesn't shy away from the truth—it throws it right in your face: governments systemically annihilate their people, under the guise of national betterment. It's illogical, it's inhumane, it's the rotten core we can't seem to carve out.

Land Over Lives?

The Boas.Tee questions the twisted valuation of land over lives. What's the point of ruling over swathes of earth, if the heartbeat of the nation—its people—is stilled? The pursuit of territory over humanity paints a bleak picture of our priorities.

Systemic? Yes. Inevitable? No.

It's easy to believe we're just along for the ride, that our votes—or lack thereof—don’t contribute to the chaos. But this Boas.Tee argues otherwise. It screams that silence and inaction are votes for the status quo. The funds that flood into war chests come from pockets that could instead feed the hungry and lift the impoverished.

A Call for a New Dialogue

True threats to our lands and our futures shouldn't be met with bombs but with conversation and diplomacy. In our interconnected world, it’s foolish not to see that our fates are shared. The 'Default Setting' Boas.Tee is for those who believe in flipping the table, not setting it for another round of war.

A Portion for Peace

And in true AWOKE form, 20% of all proceeds from the 'Default Setting' Boas.Tee go straight to supporting those on the front lines of the very conflicts we denounce. Your purchase is a pledge, a contribution to a world where the default setting is humanity and help, not harm.

The Boas.Tee You Wear for Change

This isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a conversation starter, a protest sign, and a call to arms for education and change. Wear the 'Default Setting' Boas.Tee, and carry the message that it’s time to update our systems, rewire our responses, and choose a different path.

Join us at AWOKE in questioning, challenging, and overhauling the default settings that lead to war. It's time for a systemic upgrade—one that values peace, progress, and humanity above all.

young man hands over his eyes wearing an AWOKE oversized tee from War:Chest collection about the systemic default setting of choosing war

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