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Closing the War:Chest: A Personal Reflection from AWOKE

As I wrap up the War:Chest collection, it's more than a series of designs; it's my outcry against the absurdity of war, an indictment of our times. This isn't about claiming I have the answers; I'm right there with you, unravelling this tangled mess we call life, questioning what's paraded before us as truth.

Beyond the Surface

Each piece from the collection has been a labour of emotional courage, confronting the politics and the veiled realities. It's streetwear with a soul, fashion that's not just about looking good, but prompting a deeper, more uncomfortable examination of the world we live in.

The Horrifying Normalcy of War

Daily, I'm bombarded with news that both horrifies and numbs. We've endured world wars, endless conflicts, and power struggles, yet here we stand, facing a world seemingly worse off than before. How is this possible? How have we not learned? This collection was born from a refusal to remain passive, to provoke thought and, hopefully, provoke action.

Provocation as a Start

Sure, making T-shirts isn’t going to end any wars. But provoking a second glance, a double-take, a moment of thought? That's where change starts—tiny ripples in a vast ocean. War:Chest is about placing the uncomfortable truths of war right over the heart—a reminder that the stakes are real, human, and too significant to ignore.

From War Chests to Chests at War

The term 'war chest' takes on a new meaning with this collection. It's no longer about amassing funds for conflict; it's about amassing awareness, understanding, and compassion.

A Conversation Piece

Yes, these tees are controversial. They're meant to be. If you find yourself reacting, ask why. What’s jarred you? Let that be the starting point of a deeper exploration because, let's be blunt—it's not about me. It never has been.

Boldness on Display

This collection is for the brave. You don't wear AWOKE if you're not ready to question the status quo. And while I'm not going to war with the world on this, I am committed to championing better choices through the medium I know best—streetwear that speaks.

AWOKE's Pledge

20% of the proceeds from these tees go directly to those on the front lines, because being bold in fashion should equate to being bold in action.

This is AWOKE

This isn't just another streetwear brand. AWOKE stands at the intersection of activism and apparel, where each thread woven into our tees carries the weight of the messages they bear.

This is AWOKE. This is the War:Chest. And this is just the beginning of the conversation.

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