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Behind the Seams: 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee – The Haunting Echoes After War

AWOKE's 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee from the War:Chest collection strikes at the heart of war's brutal truth: "WAR DOES NOT DETERMINE WHO’S RIGHT, ONLY WHO’S LEFT." It's not just a garment; it's a profound statement on the futility and cost of conflict.

The Illusion of Righteousness

The tee defies the concept of a 'just' war. It challenges the right-wing rhetoric, the 'correct' ideologies, the governments, and their so-called righteous wars. What does being 'right' in war mean when the aftermath is never as clear as victors claim?

The Aftermath’s Reality

Behind the bold words on the tee is the reality of aftermath. War isn’t about who's right; it's about who remains—those left to sift through the rubble, to mourn, to rebuild, to remember.

The Madness of Compliance

The 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee takes a jab at the collective madness that sweeps nations—the desire to align with the 'winning' side, the side that claims to fight for what's right. But as the smoke clears, we must ask: What's 'right' about war, and who decides it? The tee confronts the grim aftermath where the true measure of conflict is not found in victories but in the survivors, the displaced, the broken, and the grieving.

Questioning 'Right' in a World at War

This piece from AWOKE doesn’t shy away from questioning the moral compass of war. It’s a canvas for the conversation about the dichotomy between the politically 'right' and what is right for humanity. It’s a potent reminder that wars, fought in the name of national interest or ideological supremacy, often leave behind a legacy of pain and loss that belies any claim of righteousness.

Who Is Really Spared?

War spares no one. The 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee sheds light on the souls returned from the frontlines, forever altered. It’s about those left behind during wartime, those who flee, and those who stay amidst the ruins of their homeland. It’s an acknowledgment of the trauma that seeps into the soil of the battleground and into the hearts of those who survive.

The Value of Human Life vs. Being 'Right'

The tee asserts that human life, dignity, and peace should never be traded off for the sake of being 'right.' The cost is too high, the trade-off too great. This message is etched into the fabric of the 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee, ensuring that the wearer carries the weight of this message with every wear.

Commitment to the Frontline

With AWOKE’s commitment to real-world impact, 20% of the proceeds from the 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee go directly to supporting those on the frontlines and the humanitarian aid workers dedicated to alleviating war's lasting effects.

Conclusion: The Boas.Tee's Message

The 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee from AWOKE is a testament to those who bear the brunt of war. It calls on us to remember that in the grand calculus of war, what matters most isn’t who was right, but who is left. It’s a call for reflection, for compassion, and for a reevaluation of what we consider just in the shadow of war's undeniable cost.

Join us in wearing the 'Who's Left' Boas.Tee as a symbol of solidarity, a beacon for peace, and a bold statement that in the narrative of war, the only ending we should be writing is one of healing and understanding.

young woman in AWOKE Boas.Tee questioning the effects of war - war doesnt detrmine whos right only whos left