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Behind the Seams of War:Chest: A Raw Reflection on Global Conflict

In 2024, the world should have been a place of progress and peace. Instead, we're witnessing proxy wars, a new age Cold War, and genocidal acts of atrocity that puff up male egos and perpetuate power struggles over land and resources. What the actual fuck? Why, after two World Wars, are we still engulfed in global conflict?

Introducing War:Chest: AWOKE's latest collection and our boldest statement yet. Born from outrage and disbelief, War:Chest isn't just about making fashion; it's about making a point—loudly and clearly.

The Story Behind War:Chest

Outraged by the endless cycle of war and conflict, we at AWOKE crafted War:Chest to challenge the absurdity of our times. Each piece in the collection harnesses the power of words, questions, and provocations to confront biases and remind us of the persistent shadow of war. We're so done watching conflict and crisis be reduced to mere headlines, only gaining attention when they trend on social media.

Design with Purpose

Each design in the War:Chest collection offers a snapshot of different perspectives on war, from the multiple facets that contribute to its persistence. We want to shake you up, make you pause, read, and then really process what you’ve seen. To amplify this effect, we styled the backs of each Boas.Tee to resemble a festival lineup. But take a closer look, and you’ll see it’s actually a lineup of places—2024’s hotspots of crisis, war, and atrocity.

More details on each design and their stories can be found here: [link]

Why War:Chest?

We started War:Chest because staying silent is not an option. Our designs strive to ignite discussions and inspire action. We believe fashion can be a form of protest, a way to stir consciousness, and a means to unite voices against the injustices still rampant across our planet.

Impact Beyond Fashion

War:Chest goes beyond aesthetic appeal; it's about impact. Committed to making a tangible difference, 20% of all proceeds from the collection are directed towards charities actively aiding those caught in frontline crises. This isn’t just fashion; it’s our pledge to support those in need, a commitment woven into every thread of War:Chest.

Join the Movement

We invite you to dive deeper into the War:Chest collection, to choose pieces that resonate with your spirit of rebellion and hope. Wear them as badges of awareness, as armour in your everyday battles against ignorance and apathy.

Explore War:Chest, and let your wardrobe be your war cry. Because if we can't end war, we can at least fight against the silence that surrounds it.

Visit us at to view the full collection and learn more about our mission with War:Chest.

Young interracial group of friends wearing AWOEK War:Chest oversized tshirts

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