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Behind the Seams: 'Receipts' Boas.Tee – The Unseen Cost of War

AWOKE drops another truth bomb with our 'Receipts' Boas.Tee, the latest from the War:Chest collection. This isn’t just streetwear; it's a statement. It’s a ledger that reveals the outrageous cost of conflict – a cost underwritten by every one of us.

The True Cost of War, Printed on Cotton

With "WAR CHESTS ARE FUNDED BY YOU. FOLLOW THE MONEY" emblazoned across the front, this tee doesn't whisper; it roars. It dares you to unravel the threads of financial support that tie us to wars we may not even believe in.

Taxpayer Funded Destruction

This design takes a sledgehammer to the façade of ignorance. It's a no-holds-barred declaration that our taxes, our financial system, are complicit in the global theatre of war. And on the back, it's all itemized like a receipt you never asked for – the costs of war beyond the billions spent, measured in the irreversible loss of life, culture, and human potential.

The 'Receipts' We Carry

We log onto social media and see "receipts" as proof, calling out the hypocrisy, the lies. And yet, there's a bigger receipt we're all ignoring: the one that shows our unwillingness to confront the complicity in our governments' warmongering.

From Indifference to Accountability

The 'Receipts' Boas.Tee is a wake-up call from our slumber of disinterest. It's a confrontational piece that slams the 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude that permeates society's view on foreign conflicts.

20%: More Than a Number

Aligning with AWOKE's ethos of activism, 20% of the proceeds from this tee are channelled to aid those on the war's front lines. Because if we’re part of the problem, we better be part of the solution.

A Fashion Statement with Consequences

Donning the 'Receipts' Boas.Tee is an act of rebellion. It's not about trending; it's about transforming how we view our roles in global issues. It’s about bringing the abstract horror of war into sharp, unavoidable focus, demanding that we all take a hard look at where our money's flowing.

This is more than a collection; it’s a campaign. It's about ensuring that each of us, armed with knowledge and dressed in defiance, can call for the end of war as our default setting. With the 'Receipts' Boas.Tee, you're not just wearing a garment; you're carrying a message that’s as clear as it is unavoidable: the real cost of war is too high, and we're all footing the bill.

Join AWOKE in the push for transparency, for change, for a future where humanity's worth outvalues war. Don the 'Receipts' Boas.Tee and show the world that you're not just following trends – you're following the money, and demanding it goes to peace, not war.

Young couple facing opposite directions with AWOKEs oversized tee Receipts - the cost of war funded by you

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