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Behind the Seams: The 'Genocide' Boas.Tee and the Legal Facade of War

AWOKE's War:Chest delivers another unyielding piece with the 'Genocide' Boas.Tee, a garment that confronts the disturbing ease with which the term 'legal' is prefixed to genocide in times of war. This isn’t just fabric—it’s a history lesson, a legal brief, a moral indictment all in one.

Legalized Atrocities: The Wordplay of War

The front of the Boas.Tee doesn’t mince words: "LEGAL GENOCIDE. THE LAW OF WAR. THEY CALL IT COLLATERAL DAMAGE; WE CALL IT MURDER." Here lies the brutal reality behind the laws of war—a concept so oxymoronic that it can only exist in a world where language is as much a weapon as the guns and bombs it seeks to legislate.

From Conquest to Courts: War's Evolution

The concept of 'legal genocide' seems an absurdity, a travesty of language. Yet, this Boas.Tee is rooted in a sobering truth: throughout history, the victor has not only claimed spoils but also the pen that writes the narrative. Laws have been crafted and twisted to frame conquests and exterminations as lawful acts, painting aggressors as liberators or defenders.

Hitler’s Shadow and Modern Echoes

AWOKE's design references an uncomfortable truth: the legal framework used by the Third Reich to systematize the Holocaust has not been buried with the past. Instead, it lingers as a spectre over current conflicts, where government powers justify eradication of peoples and cultures under the legalisms of warfare.

War's Cost and Humanity’s Bill

The tee brings the hidden to light. It’s not just an itemized receipt; it’s a tally of losses far more extensive than financial expenditure. It’s about the homes, histories, and hearts demolished in the wake of legal mandates, the cultures erased from collective memory.

The Paradox of the People’s Money

The 'Genocide' Boas.Tee makes it impossible to ignore the fact that public funds—taxpayer dollars—are too often the fuel for war machines. Our collective wealth, intended for the growth and support of societies, is diverted to their destruction, to fund acts that would be criminal outside the theatre of war.

Democracy’s Dilemma: Complicity by Default

In democracies, the narrative of choice often accompanies our governance. But the Boas.Tee forces us to question: what choice do we have when the laws are written to ensure that our hands are tied, our voices muted, and our objections overruled by the stroke of a pen?

20% Pledge: Action Over Words

Aligning action with advocacy, AWOKE pledges 20% of the 'Genocide' Boas.Tee's proceeds to aid organizations combating the very issues it highlights. It's a commitment to the frontline, to those rebuilding lives in the aftermath of legal genocide.

Conclusion: The Boas.Tee’s Call to Justice

The 'Genocide' Boas.Tee from AWOKE is more than a provocative piece of streetwear; it's a clarion call for justice, a demand for the reevaluation of our complacency, and a challenge to the legal justifications of war. It's a call for citizens to awaken, to understand the power of their voice and their wallet, and to demand a world where genocide can never be prefixed by 'legal.'

Don the Boas.Tee and wear your support for a future where humanity, not land or power, is the treasure we guard most fiercely.

young ma earin AWOKE Boas.Tee Genocide - challenging the legality of genocide in war